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To report an emergency repair out office hours please call 0151-709-8135

Emergency Repairs

We aim to carry out emergency repairs the same day. Emergency repairs are:

  • no drinking water supply

  • burst pipes and you cannot stop the water leak

  • blocked drains and toilets causing flooding

  • complete power failure in your home

  • dangerous structures, such as ceilings, walls and chimneys

  • fire or storm damage to your property

We aim to carry out all other repairs within 20 working days.

Non urgent Repairs 

Report a non-emergency repair

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Report a repair

Useful Numbers 

Gas emergencies (such as leaks or if you smell gas)

24-hour gas emergency services 0800 111 999

If you smell gas, think you have a gas leak or have any concerns regarding carbon monoxide, immediately open all windows and doors and extinguish any naked flames including cigarettes, then call the Gas Emergency Services free on 0800 111 999. This is a national number and is available to all areas.

Electrical emergencies

Let’s check if it’s a power cut.

The first step is easy. Take a look outside and if the streetlights are on and your neighbours still have power, it’s more likely to be an issue inside your home rather than a power cut.

Check your fuse box to make sure all your switches are on. If you’re on a Pay As You Go meter, make sure you have enough credit. If there are no tripped switches and you still can’t get to the bottom of it, give our office a call rather than attempting to fix anything yourself.

How to keep safe during a power cut

Contact your network operator to report the power cut. Your network operator is different from your energy supplier. Find you, network operator, by entering your postcode here.

Make sure your mobile phone is charged just in case you need to make an emergency call.

Switch off all electrical appliances, so if power comes back on and you're out, everything is safe.

Look out for your neighbours. They may not be as prepared as you.

Make sure you have torches and extra batteries. Leave a light on so you know when the power is back on.

Wrap up

If it's cold, wrap up warm and close internal doors to keep the heat in.

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